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The Brief:

To take squash, a minority sport & turn it into a compelling customer proposition that can rival any other sport such as Football or Rugby. We want you to Propose a series of activations but don't just want experiential stunts.

My Insight:


Squash is rooted in elitism, wealth & Britain.

Instead of trying to change the image of the sport to make it feel more accessible. Why not embrace its existing personality, making it seem luxurious & aspirational to prospective viewers.

My Idea:


To partner the elite, British sport (Squash) with the elite, British brand (Burberry). The idea is for Burberry to host a squash championship to build intrigue around the sport. Advertising to an upper-class clientele in their vernacular, meaning the places the target audience is familiar with i.e. Harrods & of course creating a tie in athletic/streetwear clothing line.


An emotional component & large driving factor behind many sales; aspiration sells product. I am using aspiration as a tool to try & complete my challenge of turning squash into a poular spectator sport, An expensive sporting habit to maintain, created by students attending a private British boarding school. Squash is rooted in wealth & British excellence. It truly is an elite sport. Instead of trying to change it's character & make squash more accessible, I am trying to utilise the sports wealthy personality to turn it into an aspirational customer proposition. What. better way than a collboration between the aspirational & British brand & aspirational British sport?

Develop a campaign & strategy & identity that turns squash into a compelling customer proposition, one that rivals all other sports & elevates squash's position as a spectator sport.  


Phase 1 - More than just a sport.

An effort to expand squash beyond sport & help it enter the heavily consumed, pop culture zeitgeist. Phase 1 is a capsule collection of a pparel & accessories intended to turn squash into a brand that people want to engage with.


Phase 2 - Share the News.

We want this collection to gain as much engagement from as many people as possible, so we will communicate using traditional & effective platforms i.e. billboards, spreads, TV spots.


Phase 3 - Squash is still a sport.

The aim is to turn squash into a compelling customer proposition, not eliminate a connection to the actual sport itself, so to create more intrigue, aspiration & engagement with the sport a new tournement will be held at Windsor castle powered by Burberry.


Merlot Ad

To further the reach of the sport amongst the target audience of the upper class &
to create a connotation betwee squash & affluence.

Phase 4 - Share the News, again!

New launch material will be created to garner attention & engagement of the tournament. This time round however, we will bee using the vernacular of the target audience & advertising on platforms they use often.


Dedicated streaming Platform

For those who will be unable to attend the event, a dedicated straeming service will be created to ensure the exclusivity of the event remains in-tact, as it is for only those who have been invited.

Get in touch, let's talk superheroes & a job.


Tel: +44(0) 7808830889

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