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Starflyer pride themselves on the exceptional service they provide their clients. “immeasurable beauty, like a comet” is how they describe themselves. In an effort to challenge the limits of the best customer service an airline can offer, they are launching Chamber, their new premier business class. the airline needs me to create a new identity, distinct from their usual monochrome branding. One with a link to the real beauty behind a comet, the jaw-dropping array of colour & spectacle that trails one through the sky. This is the "immeasurable beauty" that inspires the identity created for Chamber.

I am required to create a business class sub-brand for Starflyer Airlines. I must create a luxurious, brand-appropriate identity & launch a campaign targeting upper-class passengers, flying domestically. for the service.


Phase 1 - Establishing the identity.

The black & white identity has nailed the connotation to a comet however, there is no link to the real beauty behind a comet, the jaw dropping array of colour & spectacle that trails one, through the sky. This is the "immeasurable beauty" that inspires Chamber's identity.


Phase 2 - Share the News

I developed an integrated launch campaign that used appropriate platforms that would boost the awareness of the new service, & create engagement reaching out to both the primary target audience of upper class, Japanese Nationals aged 30 - 50 year olds but also young affluent millennials from all around the world aged 25 -38.


UX/UI Contest

The idea behind this contest is to ensure
that Chamber is always synonymous with
cutting edge user experience.


eSports Team

eSports is the fastest growing sport in the world & pulls in 443 million viewers world wide. We would like to reach some of the affluent millenials watching these events, so naturally we created an eSports team.


First Class Food

Furusato Matsuri, is one of the most popular Japanese food festivals, that attracts 400,000
visitors annually. The Chamber experience at the festival would involve setting up a some 
business class seats, with tables out & serving visitors Chaber's top of the line on flight meals.



Chamber Centurion Card AMEX

Nothing boasts luxury quite like a limited edition black AMEX card.


Outdoor Advertising

An efficient & proven way to communicate with the public, we will be using large scale billboards to make people aware of Starflyer's new service.

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