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Top Trumps packs are often seen in the hands of 4-11 year olds. However, with licenses to most Gen-Z-oriented franchises, they want to strike into the hearts of a new audience 18-25 year olds. I need to help make Top Trumps 'the ultimate status symbolf for 18-25 year olds'. I have been tasked with creating a campaign that penetrates the zeitgeist ultimately, building brand affinity, hype & desire around this product. 

I need to develop an integrated campaign, that makes owning Top Trumps 'the ultimate status symbol for 18-25 year olds. One that considers both real world & digital touch-points, most importantly, however, share-ability, as to ensure this fandom feels accessible for all.

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Drip Matters to Gen Z.

Drip - Adjective - Slang terminology that means your look or style is extremely fashionable.

“Gen Z spend around $143 Billion on fashion every year, this is around 40% of global consumer spending on fashion.” -Business Insider


Gen Z are Obsessed with Fandoms

“Fandoms are made up primarily of Gen Z fans, who are unstoppable when they congregate over the things they love, whether it’s a K-pop group or a vampire book series. Gen Z
are mobilized by their fandoms, finding like-minded people to connect & engage with over their unique obsessions.”
-Wattpad, Gen Z trends & insights  


18 - 25 year olds are obsessed & well dressed.

They find extreme joy in engaging with their favourite fandoms & fashion interests.

Top Trumps represent fandom & symbolize obsession. Fashion is one of the greatest forms of self expression.



Top Trumps Drip Department.

A campaign that spans social & an event at MCM Comic Con London. One that mobilizes 18 - 25
year olds to buy a pack of Top Trumps & make their obsessions part of their identities.

We want to empower our audience by encouraging them to make their obsessions part of their identities.
We also want to help them prove their passion for their fandoms un-apologetically with Top Trumps.



Harnessing TikTok & Instagram we will entice people into integrating a pack of Top Trumps into their outfits & sharing their drip with the rest of their community via social, using #toptrumpsdrip.

We will strengthen our reach by collaborating with creators & sending them packages that feature a top trumps pack specifically related to their interests/brand. We will also ask them to encourage their audience to engage with the challenge themselves & to share the challenge with their own followers.





We want to see it all & once we do, Top Trumps will select our favourite posts & start reposting them through TikTok & Instagram. We want to see a movement of people embracing their passions by integrating Top Trumps cards into their fashion & letting everyone know about it!



We will be selecting our favourite posts & will invite the people behind the posts as guests to our invite only Drip Department fashion show at MCM Comic Con London. Here they will get the chance to flex their outfits for an audience, on the runway. We want this show to be the instagrammable event for nerds! full of pop culture references from both the past & the future. Through audience reaction, winners with the best drip will be selected & awarded the title kings of culture as well as their very own own official Top Trump card.


In a world were fashion, fandom, social & self expression are integral to people developing their own 'brand'/personal identity, we have created a campaign that helps people express their personalities, in an effortless, shareable, hype-worthy way.

By focusing our campaign on fashion, we encourage our audience to utilise social media for it's core use; sharing. 
This creates more awareness & in turn generates more hype. The campaign is geared heavily  towards a sharing & has been designed to feel native to the sharing platforms popular among our audience (Tiktok & Instagram).

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