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Gaming is leading to serious health consequences for children. The main source of this is Roblox, a video game designed for young kids. 67% of children play this game around 3 hours a day. With this problem only getting worse, we have been tasked with coming up with a solution that counteracts the negative side effects of playing Roblox in young gamers.

I am required to develop a health-positive solution to
this problem, one that fosters a positive attitude towards gaming in moderation. My solution must be both, accessible & appealing to young Roblox gamers. And can be created using any form/format.



202 million active monthly users across 180 countries worldwide play Roblox. 67% of Roblox users are kids &  the majority of those kids are under the age of 12. -Brian Dean, Roblox Users

many of these gamers become addicted to gaming, which in pre-teens can lead to conduct disorder and oppositional defiance disorder, which are behavior disorders. In addition, young gamers can develop,  over-stimulated sensory systems, aggressive behaviours, high levels of anxiety & even poor physical health issues,  such as sleep deprivation, frequent headaches and much more.

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How can we utilise this extremely popular activity to nurture a positive change in young gamers lives, encouraging a more positive attitude to good health and wellbeing? 

Enter Bobo!

Bobo is a virtual assistant helper for Roblox that focuses on encouraging gamers to look after their personal wellbeing, helping kids foster a healthier lifestyle, that is not over-taken by screen time, but nurtured by it.



For every hour and a half of Roblox played, Bobo pauses game play, these breaks are referred to as a 'cooling period', the cooling period lasts for an hour and a half
as well and during these moments Bobo tasks gamers
with well-being challenges.

Partnering with Citywise, a mentoring and mental health charity, that specialises in helping young kids. We will
select special tasks that improve the mental & physical well-being for young gamers. And in an effort to encourage the gamers to take part in the challenges, rewards, such
as Roblox upgrades, Robux & armour will be given on completion of the tasks.





We will offer various different wellbeing challanges to our gamers for example

The Other hand challenge - a challenge that involves using the hand you use the least to draw a house, a tricky but fun task, that ultimately helps kids improve their self control.

Their will be many more similar challenges
like these presented during cooling periods...




Now how do gamers receive their awards?
Once a task has been issued, a code is sent to parents & guardians & once they have seen proof of the task being completed they can automatically redeem the codes for the gamers with the click of a button & If the tasks are not completed, parents or guardians can simply skip the reward.



Finaly, With the help of Bobo, playing Roblox is more than just fun, it's rewarding & beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, teaching kids to balance screen time with focusing on their well-being .

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