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The first thing we did was research on the brand and the format.

Key facts we gathered were that Kanken prides themselves on their deep commitment to nature and use superior quality materials. Creating a "Premium" product. The Kanken put Fjal Raven the brand on the map and helped elevate the companies popularity. The Kanken was made to "swallow its content" (fit a lot of product).

Lasting Quality, Environmentally Conscious, Premium. These are the IMPORTANT facts/values of Kanken in relation to our project.

We also learned some key/important information about Black Cabs, they are most commonly used by tourists/millennials, all black cabs are wheelchair accessible and carry assistance dogs at no charge, only black cabs can be hailed in the street. If the yellow TAXI sign is on, the cab is available for hire.

The insight we gained on the brand was that they are dedicated to the environment, without compromising quality  

At the core of Fjallraven lies a deep commitment to the natural world.


Here is our research presentation:

With this research in mind, we started getting to work writing down our ideas.


                                                                                                            This inspired an idea; why not transform a black cab into

                                                                                                            something completely different like a Kanakan bag via changing its exterior.

Some of our Ideas Include:

Kanken Boot - Having a Kanken boot attached to the back of the cab. The idea is that the boot is similar in design to that of a Kanken backpack. I would grab people's attention and draw them to using out the cab, giving them the opportunity to interact with Kanken products and see how good the bag is for themselves.

Arctic Fox Experience - This idea revolves around us using a key element of the Fjalraven brand; the arctic fox, which is part of the brand's logo. We would attach a Kanken bag to an arctic fox and place it in the car, giving passengers the opportunity to interact with the fox, which in turn would ensure the passengers would be experiencing the Kanken bag, holding it interacting with it and looking at it a lot. This experience could leave passengers feeling like they have had a deep and meaningful experience with the Kanken brand via the experience with a Fjalraven representative the arctic fox.

Turning the car into a Kanken backpack - The idea is that we would change the interior and the exterior of the car to be designed using the materials of the Kanken backpack using a bright red colour, this design would grab peoples attention and would separate the design drastically from all other black cabs. The car would be complete with the classic Kanken bag handles to replace door handles, Kanken zip locks on the interior for storage and would essentially feel like customers are stepping into a Kanken backpack and would get to experience the superior / Premium quality of Kanken up close. 

Kanken car Sled - 

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