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The Brief:

(Re)Imagine the identity of Power Morphicon. The official convention for the Power Rangers brand.

Your identity should consider the memories Power Morphicon can offer someone, the experiences they’ll encounters & create an identity that sells this event.

My Insight:

Morphicon offers Power Rangers fans an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, amongst the ranger community, The opportunity to add to their memorabilia collections, an important factor to the fandom. But most importantly, the opportunity to meet the superheroes that changed their lives on the small screen in real life. The chance to meet the Power Ranger actors themselves, shake their hand & say thankyou.

My Idea:

Why not focus the identity around the idea of meeting your heroes? this identity utilises this theme and showcases it using Bishop. The newest addition to the Power Rangers team & the official mascot for the convention. Bishop will guide guests around the convention centre via large illustration decals plastered on the walls throughout the venue. He will highlight the many opportunities & services guests can experience throughout the convention, particularly the opportunity to meet the actors.


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