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Refreshed with a new hard-edged tone & sprinkled with nostalgia,  2017 is welcoming a new Power Rangers movie. These are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers you know & love, however, they've traded in their campy spandex for noirish alien armor. How can we create an invigorating integrated campaign, that ushers this new Power Rangers franchise into the pop culture zeitgeist...

The aim of this project is to create a galvanizing integrated campaign for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, one that excites prospective movie goers. Focusing on an audience of old fans, new fans, gen-z & millennials, this campaign will utilise various different mediums & formats from OOH advertising - social & much more to get our audience Ranger ready.



Harnessing the power of social we will tease our new characters & pay homage to Power Rangers legends using various different activations, collabs & posts. Setting up the hype train & evoking fond childhood Power Rangers memories.  (Tease & Excite)                   

Using Tiktok, we will post in universe 'User Generated Content' of our rangers on a daily basis. With plenty of thirst traps, gym workouts, etc... these posts will be made to feel native to the platform, as though the characters really posted them. They will be immersive, funny & in line with each characters personality.


During the teaser period of the campaign we will post suit reveals with our characters
smirking, posing & looking confident, highlighting the attitude & our new ranger aesthetic.


This release also marks the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, giving us an opportunity to celebrate the iconic heroes. In an effort to honour the rangers, we will give them
the heroic treatment. Creating full scale statues in honour
of the original 5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers characters. These wont be basic statues however, made from unique, materials, they will be sure to look powerful, just like our rangers & they will also be interactive.

Each of the statues will strategically be placed in popular attractions, that relate to the franchise, i.e. a dinosaur exhibit at the British museum, etc... These statues will feature QR
codes & once scanned, they will give people free downloadable
content. Our QR codes will give people an exclusive Power Rangers NFT, a playlist featuring 3 original songs from our movie soundtrack & even a downloadable copy of the original 1995 movie, ready to get the nostalgia pumping in our audience.

Creator Collaborations -

Wisdom8 - 9.3M followers

Famous for creating bombastic
outfits inspired by superheroes, carto
ons & pop culture icons, this collab would be a first for Wisdom8, as it would involve
him creating fun, flamboyant & powerful outfits inspired by our movies ranger characters.


Jessica Nigiri - 750K followers

Jessica Nigiri has successfully made a career out of Cosplaying
& is the 'cosplay queen'. With the upcoming Blizzard cosplay contest in mind, our cast will work with Jess to create competition slaying cosplay costumes inspired by our Rangers, alongside Jess our cast will debut their looks at the contest, stealing the show, with all eyes on on the Rangers. 

World Chase Tag - 1.1M followers

This rapidly growing sport is fast, explosive & powerful, just like the Power Ranger. Partnering with WCT,
this collab involves cast participation. More specifically we will have the athletic actor Ludi Lin (Black Ranger) put his ranger strength & speed to the test & have him race against some of the best runners the WCT have to offer.

Sneakernomics - 570k followers

Tiktoks go to pundit for sneaker heads
on all sneaker related news
, Jordan Young (sneakernomics) has a dedicated fan base of followers & this collab would involve Jordan highlighting the sneakers our characters wear in the movie, that stand out to him. He would also make suggestions on what he thinks the characters should wear, based on their personalities & lastly he would have some sneaker picks for the audience inspired by our Rangers & their alien armor.

We want the whole world to celebrate this release & these characters with us. What better way to reach as many people as possible then by honouring our franchise with a Google Doodle, celebrating 25 years of the world wide phenomenon that is the Power Rangers, culminating in our new movie.


It is crucial we have a movie poster that reflects our brand new tone of voice. Showcasing the more hard-edged tone.

This key art does just that, with a battle damaged Red Ranger helmet, staring into the face of a maniacal Rita Repulsa (villain) & a strapline that not only highlights our characters greatest assets, but also pays homage, to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show (Zordon, selects "5 teens with attitude" to become Rangers).



This second phase, is the launch period. It is
about emphatically celebrating our movie & making a moment out of these iconic heroes, taking the Power Rangers hype train, full steam ahead. We will do this through strong brand collaborations & activations, personalised to our movie & it's tone of voice. Leaving a lasting impression on our audience & prospective viewers.


When the time comes, we will sound the alarm (Literally), alerting our audience of the movies release.

For this activation, we will have a 24
hour countdown clock take over, at  iconic clock landmarks from around
the world.

London - Big Ben
Yokohama - Cosmo Clock 21
Berlin - World Clock

Once the clocks strikes midnight (evening of release) there will be fireworks, a light show, call to action projection on to each landmark & the classic Power Rangers theme will play, with a sound bite of 'IT'S MORPHIN TIME!' letting the people know what time it is.

One of the standout characters in our movie is Billy, the Blue Ranger, he is the first autistic superhero to appear in a mainstream movie, a first for Hollywood.

This partnership uses the representation,
in our movie to empower children on the spectrum. The Blue Ranger is the official
ambassador of non-profit organisation Child Autism UK, in honour of this, the movie will be touring, the UK, with free screenings for kids with autism. There will even be photo ops with the Blue Ranger in costume for little ones.


This initiative aims to help young people from impoverished communities, all around the world gain access to free mental health care services.
Saving lives, just like the Rangers.

The way it works? Donate your childrens old Power Ranger toys to Mind charity shops.
For every ranger donation you make, the Mind charity & LIONSGATE (Distributors) will match the amount, Mind will then use the funds to visit different schools, youth clubs & universities to set up mental health workshops, introducing people to different therapy services & then help start their mental wellbeing journeys.

With movie inspired makeup trends on
the rise across social. We would like to encourage fans of Power Ranger & superheroes alike to join in on the action.
Our collaboration with MORPHE, encourages people to embrace their nerdy sides
& morph into their true selves. Using Morphe products, Morphe will start a social campaign releasing Power Ranger inspired make-up tutorials, we will then ask people to share their make up looks via instagram & TIKTOK for the chance to have their photos featured on MORPHE's official social channels.

zord cockpit.jpg

VR is the perfect medium to fulfil any ranger fans dream of riding the iconic Power Rangers giant robotic vehicles... The ZORDS.

With the upcoming release of our movie, we will
bring this dream to life, creating a zord simulator, complete with a ride on zord cockpit , goggles & our
very own unique game experience, where users get to ride our zords to the scene, firing at villains & even experience controlling the megazord in battle.

We will debut this experience at MCM Comic Con London, where plenty of people from our audience & prospective fans will be.


The online battle royale video game Fortnite,
is captivating the attention of gamers aged
11-16 & it is currently the most popular game in the world. How can we utilise this platform to take our Ranger hype to the next level?...

POWER RANGER SKINS (avatar costumes)

Fortnite skins are a reflection of what is trending in pop culture for this audience & all the great iconic franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars, Naruto, etc... All collaborate with Fortnite, to create limited edition skins. Our iconic heroes deserve the same treatment,
sparking memories of nostalgia & excitement for our upcoming movie.



GOOD super heroes vs BAD super heroes. This is the premise for the most popular superhero fighting game Injustice (DC Comics). Injustice targets gamers aged 16-24 & often updates it's character roster with superheroes from other franchises for example, Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, etc... Only the most beloved pop culture icons are selected & THIS IS A MOMENT FOR THE GAMING COMMUNITY! Let's partner with Injustice to make the Evil Green Ranger one of the playable characters. Bringing our franchise in to the spotlight & getting those nostalgic memories flowing for gamers, hyping them for the release of our new movie.


Maximalist sunglasses with wild visors are becoming part of the Gen-Z starter kit. Our the Power Rangers have some of the most interesting visors around, so naturally a sunglasses collaboration is a perfect idea. This collaboration  between Ray Ban & Power Rangers involves creating a limited edition range of sunglasses inspired by crazy Power Rangers helmet visors. Paying homage to our heroes & positioning Power Rangers as contemporary, trendy & cool... They should be, they're Gen-Z icons.

Graphic T-shirts are a reflection of what is trending in pop culture. They are integral to the success of a movie's campaign, as they help fans rep their passion. The best place to buy graphic Tees is Primark, Every popular franchise from Harry Potter to Minecraft, partner with Primark to create a Graphic Tee line celebrating their new release. Primark is the brand associated with creating the most popular & "cool" graphic Tee designs, that are reasonably priced. (Approx £6)

It's about time the Rangers receive the Primark graphic Tee treatment & this eco-friendly line of graphic Tees will help our audience celebrate
their love for this franchise loud & proud.




The rangers aren't done yet, this third phase ends the campaign on a high & makes sure we sustain our momentum. Bringing our audience even closer to our characters & franchise.
This will be accomplished by activations that make our audience feel like actual rangers.

Editorial Youtube Videos -


The majority of clothing our Rangers wear, is actually from H&M.
This idea enables our audience to get closer to the Rangers by
dressing like them. With host Becky G (Yellow Ranger) this video
will explore different looks inspired by our characters & their
unique H&M wardrobes.


This idea is inspired by the fun evoked from the nostalgic
memories people have playing Power Rangers with friends
as kids. We will sit our cast down & hand them action packed
toys, from electric Nerf guns to Megazords & let the reactions
run wild, let's see who our audience can relate to the most.


A stand out scene in our movie, is when all of the Rangers sit together in a circle & bond. This idea uses that setting & places our cast around a campfire, where they make confessions about various critical moments in their lives from adversities they've faced to first dates.


Similar to campfire confessions, this idea, shows a softer side to our cast, that brings their personalities to the forefront.
The power hour, is an hour spent with our cast, where they exclusively discuss 
their experience in high school, the ups-the downs & advice they would give to viewers, empowering them.

Our Rangers all have different fashion styles, with equal amounts of attitude. This activation is an extension of our H&M Ranger Drip editorial. It involves creating curated collections that revolve around each of our Ranger characters.  These collections will be placed in various H&M stores & will be themed as wardrobes for each Ranger, immersing visitors to H&M stores into our franchise.


The Power Rangers = FITNESS GOALS! This idea helps our audience, transform themselves into top shape, just like our Rangers.
A series of Free Youtube videos teach people how to harness the power of calisthenics to improve their physical shape. Calisthenics is exercise that relies on nothing but body weight, making the workout easily accessible. A different Red Ranger from various Power Ranger seasons will host these fitness videos from beginner to Red Ranger level. 

This final activation ends our campaign on a high, fulfilling the dream opportunity for any nerd. Power Rangers or other wise. Partnering with Uber we will create the experience of a lifetime, giving people in select cities, worldwide the opportunity to select being driven to their destinations in a  Ranger zord/vehicle.

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