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Disney values different cultures, they know that the magic is in our differences & when we see those differences on screen it is what provides us with that feeling of belonging & empowerment. Nothing
proves this more than the unsung Disney icons of diversity from the
90’s & 00’s. These characters were proud of their adversities since before “diversity” was popular. They are Gen-Z’s very own trailblazers
of inclusivity.

I am required to introduce Gen-Z to to their very own unsung icons of diversity with a campaign targeting the EMEA region & celebrate Disney’s 100 year anniversary. My solution? Disney 100. Celebrating 100 years of trailblazing.

Phase 1 - It's been a while.

The audience have not heard from these characters in a while. We will use the Gen-Z essential platform; instagram, to re-introduce them to these unsung heroes of diveristy. The posts will use this silhouete design to trigger the best kind of familiarity; nostalgia.


Phase 2 - Showcase Diversity.

Disney+ is a rapidly growing platform & the hub for all Disney content, a special trailblazers collection on the service containing curated content that tells their diverse stories will be an efficient way for people to access those sweet memories from their childhoods.


Phase 3 - Parade Diversity.

The majority of these characters are yet to make thier Disney parks debut & this simply furthers the lack of accessibility to these cultural trailblazers. The trailblazers parade would allow the target audience to ineract with the very icons that empowered, loading their Disney holidays with warm, meaningful memories both old & new.


Phase 4 - Drip in Diversity.

A collaboartion between Disney & H&M, graphic t's have become all the rage amongst the  audience, this limited edition line of trailblazers t-shirts, will enable fans to un-apollogetically make these characters part of their identity. Why H&M? because H&M facillitate easy online/in-store shopping, amongst the entire EMEA region, unlike many alternative retailers.


Phase 5 - Share the News.

An oldie but a goodie, in an effort to further the exposure of the campaign. Billboards will be used around cities to maximise exposure, as well as store-front displays in H&M to entice customers. These billboards will bring awareness to the various campaign touchpoints.

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