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There's a new Buzz Lightyear journey coming to cinemas this summer & it's not a toy story!  No longer in a cardboard spaceship, Buzz has gone to infinity and beyond! It’s time to celebrate this real spaceman, with a campaign that builds some buzz around Buzz!

I have been tasked by with contributing ideas for a launch campaign (with a focus on social), that speaks to Gen-Z & brings nostalgic vibes for this space ranger. I have created a strategy, executions & mockups for this project. I also acted as a copywriter on this project & was asked to create some digital invites for the movies premiere.


Phase 1 - Buzz Off!

Let's start the campaign on a fun note, waging a war between THE two iconic space rangers; Lightyear & Armstrong. A fictional social spat, that could build intrigue into the moment & potentially become a cultural meme.


Phase 2 - Be Buzz Again.

Ask influencers to use funny, laugh-out-loud soundbites from the movie in TikTok videos in an effort to make the first viral TikTok of a new animated movie. Perhaps Buzz can also make an appearance, with a filter for the people to use in their videos?


Phase 3 - Creative Cadet.

Pop Jam, a social platform for kids, is all about expressing creativity & sharing their artwork.

We could create a ‘Buzz has Landed’ competition, where they have to create artwork inspired by Lightyear & ask them to share their art on the platform.

Perhaps the winner get sent an intergalactic goodie bag & IMAX tickets to the movie.


Phase 4 - Social Stickers.

Create social media stickers people canattach to photos of themselves with their loved ones, before uploading them. The stickers could feature the two fingers of the space rangers touching, or Buzz’s famous catch-phrase "To Infinity & Beyond". The stickers are visible on social media (not just text messages) so an easy way to promote it’s release.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.40.57.png

Phase 5 - Warp Speed!

Warp-speed tunnel at the Outernet's arcade - Filled with light trails, reminiscent of the ones

we see in the trailer, when Buzz is in his spaceship. The interactive screens could be used to

change the colour of the trails.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.42.00.png

Phase 6 - And Beyond!

Buzz has landed and has taken over ‘Space Mountain’ at Disneyland. Swap for lightyear colour palette, sound effects and Bowie score.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.38.15.png
Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.38.08.png

Phase 7 - Dyanmic Instagram.

For Uncharted and Spiderman No Way Home, Sony released 10-15 second clips with dynamic 3D copy, on their Instagram page. In a similar style we could create ‘countdown to launch’ content for Lightyear that could live socially on Instagram or Tik Tok. Short format content works really well on TikTok and is a great place to introduce people to new content that’s releasing theatrically


Phase 8 - Cosmic Catnip.

A space worthy partnership. 😂  😂


Phase 9 - Outta' This World.

Similar to the VR experience created for the launch of 2017’s Power Rangers movie, this could work perfectly for the release of Lightyear The audience can explore the spaceship and venture outside onto this mysterious planet, or play mini games through it. Perhaps we could prompt people to take screenshots/recordings of themselves using it &share the user generated content via Instagram, TikTok and youtube.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.45.52.png

Phase 10 - Be Buzz.

Selfie opportunities from infinity and beyond! Takeover popular social media selfie factories/

museums in London and theme it for Lightyear, making all of the props, sets, lights and

references, film-related

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.34.44.png

Phase 11 - A Space Man's Best Friend.

For the younger audience, we could create a spaceman’s bestLEGOfriend & ask children to build a robot pet (like Sox) out of lego. Upload photos of their builds on the Lego Life app (Lego based social platform for kids) & share with friends.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.51.32.png

Phase 12 - Social Star Command.

People love to cosplay as Disney characters at conventions such as Comic-Con, but barely take their costumes to the cosplay competitions or share their Disney cosplay outfits over social.

Could we ask people to share their Lightyear costumes on social platforms, driving people to one-up each other and create amazing costumes. We could have our own #starcommand_squad


Phase 13 - Cosmic Grub.

Top Secret Cosmic Grub! Did you know that Buzz loves diner food? This is revealed in the cartoon series Buzz Lightyear of Star command, where he is often seen indulging in

cosmic chili, beta-wafer split milkshakes at Cosmos Diner. Perhaps Disney partner with a popular diner themed restaurant, such as Big Moe's or TGI Fridays, Planet Hollywood and create secret one-off menu items, like cosmic chili that are only discoverable through

Facebook posts & Instagram stories. People can then order these secret menu items after proving that they have followed/subscribed to Disney’s social platform. Apparently Evil Emperor Zurg also likes cosmic chilli!

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 09.32.43.png

Phase 14 - A TikTok Story.

Create a TikTok filter, that young people can use on their action figures/toys.
When placed in-front of the camera, the filter shows you what they would look
like as a human being.


Lightyear Movie Premiere  E-vites.

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